Everything You Should Know About Rem’s Death Note


Death note is one of the most famous Japanese manga series. It’s a story about one teen genius called Light Yagami and the discovery of a mysterious notebook famously known as the Death Note. The notebook originally belonged to Shinigami Ryuk, and it possesses the power to grant supernatural abilities to kill anyone whose name is featured in it. Rem is the Shinigami that gives Misa Mane one of her death notes known as the rem death note. This death note is one of the main concepts in the Death Note. So much that lovers of the manga series adore products featuring this title. Before you go and get a Rem’s death note t-shirt, wristband, or any other product, below are some basic things you should know.

Who is Rem?

Like Ryuk. Rem is one of the Shinigami and notebook owners in the Death Note manga series. She possesses two death notes which, unlike Ryuk, she did not acquire through trickery. This is not the only way in which Rem is different from Ryuk. Unlike Ryuk, Rem does not take amusement in the human world and its things. She views most humans with contempt.

Another difference between her and Ryuk is that she is not ambivalent about Misa’s success. Misa is the person to whom Rem left her death note. Rem actively assists Misa and is even willing to sacrifice her life to defend her. She goes as far as to threaten to murder Light if Misa dies before her time. Also, she assists Light in his evil schemes for Misa’s sake. However, as a Shinigami, she is not supposed to do so.

Rem is a skeletal character with long hands that look like a spinal cord and bone-like skin. A purple-light shade depicts her physical features, like her hair and facial markings.

What is Rem’s Death Note?

Rem’s death note is the notebook that Rem left behind when she died. Following her death, Light picked up the note and became its owner. It is the third notebook in the Death Note manga series. Rem’s is also plain black like other notebooks in the series and does not have any writings. Later in the series, during the combat with Mello, the task force issued the notebook. Thanks to it, they confronted the members of the mafia. Before this, Light gave the death note to Ryuk and made him its Shinigami. Before her death, Rem used her death note to protect Misa. Her final act in the series was using the notebook against Watari and L for Misa’s sake.

Rem’s death note is quite popular in this manga series because of its owner. Rem was a beloved character in the series because of his peculiar personality. Although she despised the human world, she was compassionate and adored Misa. Her relationship and protection over Misa significantly influenced her popularity. This is why Rem and her notebook products are popular in the cosplay world.


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